Hydroponic Water Culture systems

Water Culture systems are about the simplest of all six types of hydroponic systems. While technically simple, they are still very effective for growing plants hydroponiclly. Not only do a lot of home hydroponic growers really like using water culture systems, but many commercial growers use this type of system on a large scale as well. Mainly because the water culture systems is a simple and easy concept. It’s also a very inexpensive type of system to build, and another reason why it’s popular with home growers as well. Even though the concept is simple, there are plenty of imaginative ways to use and build water culture systems out of different materials.


What you need to build a Water Culture system:
  • Container to hold the nutrient solution (reservoir)
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Air line/hose
  • Air stones (or soaker hose) to create the small bubbles
  • Baskets, pots, or cups to hold the plants
  • Some type of growing media

How a hydroponic Water Culture system operates is easy. The plant is actually suspended in baskets right above the nutrient solution in the reservoir. Usually by styrofoam floating on top, or through holes cut in the lid covering the reservoir. The roots hang down from baskets the plants are in, and hang down directly into the nutrient solution where they are submerged. The roots remain submerged all the time 24/7. The roots don’t suffocate because they get the air and oxygen they need from  air bubbles rising through the nutrient solution, as well as from dissolved oxygen in the water itself.

The more air bubbles the better for water culture systems. The bubbles rising should make the water look like water boiling at a heavy rolling boil. The bubbles should be rising up through, and making direct contact with the roots as they rise to the top of the water to be most effective for the plants. There are actually two ways of providing aeration and dissolved oxygen to the nutrient solution.  

Post time: Sep-08-2017
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